Hot Sauces 10 Plus to 10 Insane

Habanero EXTRACT makes these hot sauces over the top crazy hot! That means hotter than police pepper spray. Da Bomb Final Answer is the hottest at 1.5 milion scoville units, Mad Dog Revenge 1 million, Satans Blood 800K winner of the 2003 Scovie Award for best packaging, and Blaris 2am Reserve 450k are to be used just as a cooking ingredient. These are TOO HOT to be put in your mouth directly for real. Use only as an ingredient!!!

Mad Dog 357 is the current hottest on the market you can safely put into your mouth and use alone. EEOOOOWW! Hot! Daves Ultimate Insanity is 150K , Da Bomb 100K , Daves Insanity 100K and so on down the page
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